Antiques & Collectibles

We carry a wide variety of items, antiques & collectibles and unique items. Something for everyone. Inventory changes often. If you do not see what you are looking for, please ask. Fill out a request form online or come into our store and let us know what you are looking for.

Top Ten Pick Tips:

  1. Cash is king. Let the seller know you have cash. Bargain with the seller. They add extra dollars to the price they really want.
  2. Stay with your specialty. Take chances but stay with what you know.
  3. Don't pick larger than the size of your wallet. Research, research. Don't buy out of your price range or you may not be able to sell it.
  4. Be an inspiration. Every pick tells a story. Feel it and your customer will too.
  5. Talk to the locals. Your local dealers have a wealth of knowledge. Ask questions to learn about what's selling before you buy.
  6. Never let it all go. When you buy a bunch, hold something back. You never know when the pickings will run dry and then you will have something to sell.
  7. Buyer beware. Know you love it but how long will it tie up your cash.
  8. Learn how to spot reproductions. Know a reproduction from a real collectible. Visit your local gift shop to spot the differences.
  9. Buy it when you see it. Many picks are one of a kinds. Don't walk out the door without the door.
  10. Bundle this!!! When you go out to purchase, buy in a bundle. You will get a better value on the item that you want most when buying in a bundle.